In a positive life, one could walk always forward. But you might sometimes fall down. Even if so, fall to forward! – we often say to think positively.

But sometimes the life force you so negative thinking, that you fall backward, On your buttom.

You will sit down on the bottom to the ground.

The next step will be more negative. You will put your hands and knees on the ground, bend your body and look down.

But when you eventually stand up, look at your hands. There must be some shining particles mixed in the dusty sands.

This is as often the case with me. My failures are always with my own fault – carelessness, ignorance, neglect let me repeat the same mistake again and again. That always force me think negative – negative – yet when I stand up, even at behind from where I fell, I seek in my hands for something left positive.

One thought on “Negative-Positive Life Moments

  1. Was it Einstein who said ” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time” – just a thought, cheers, Graeme

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