frI found this quote:

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.”
by Oscar Wilde

In life so many people care so much about someone’s exterior, than really thinking about what is important on the inside. Do you have people in your life and people who surround you and tell you, your not beautiful? Your not up to par? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. All of us have a beauty about us inside and outside. Inner beauty is far more important. I know when someone is saying about being beautiful automatically think of the exterior and do not seek past that. A beautiful personality is far more attractive. A beautiful person possesses mature, loving, thoughtful and honest qualities. I think a lot of people misconstrued (misinterpreted) beauty.

We all have great qualities, and were all beautiful in our own unique way, no matter how we look like, no matter our shape, figure and so much more. A few blogs ago, I explained about Natural beauty and why putting on too much make up ruins your look. I am not trying to tell people what to do, and how to dress, but were all different people, and we all have different styles, different ways of dressing up and that is fine. I am not discriminating against what people wear, or how they wear it.

If some people sit back and think about all the qualities they have instead of being so negative about yourselves, you wouldn’t be so depressed and you wouldn’t sell yourself short. Putting yourself down and making a big fuss about “I am not beautiful” “I am Ugly” “Nobody Likes Me” “I am not good enough”. You should take those thoughts and throw them out to the dumpster and stop thinking those terrible things. It makes matters worse. No Matter what anybody says, no matter what happens, always think positively and always be a step ahead. Life is too short to be depressed and be thankful that you are here on earth and be thankful you are living. If we all take depression out of our lives, and if we take out putting ourselves down, this world would be a much happier place and I would see more people with smiles on their faces. It is not worth beating yourself up about anything. Keep smiling, because let me tell you a secret, smiling is beautiful and it makes people more beautiful than they already are. Smiling makes a world of a difference, smiling gives energy, smiling gives a sense of happiness although sometimes we really aren’t but that smile can light up the world.

Each day that passes when you go to bed smile, when you wake up you smile and be thankful everyday that you have another chance at life, when your occupied with the busy day to day life, make time to smile because that is one of the most beautiful things in this world. The next time you think about telling yourself that your ugly, snap out of it and get back to reality, look in the mirror and say I am beautiful. Make life better and stop being negative. It is not healthy. Don’t just sit there, do something about it. You will see how incredible your life will change and that change will impact everyone around you. Try it, you won’t go wrong.

Rolling on the floor laughing“The good is the beautiful.”Smile

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3 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful or Handsome, No Matter What Anybody Says

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