Boniface Evarist

Dar es Salaam is full of people who are really really good at what they do. Competition is high. I know this. Do I really think I can compete with the best of them?

This isn’t the time for me to mope around or have low self esteem. If I go to Dar es Salaam with that attitude I won’t get anywhere. For the next few months, I’ll be working extremely hard on sharpening my skills to the point that they are deadly. Now is the time for me to face and overcome my fears.

Now is really the time for me to be my own hero. I hate numbers I started working on my budget today I don’t think I can write very well I started to really work on my resume and gather reports of my successes on and off the job.

I hate talking to strangers on the phone I’m going to have to get over this fear and I plan on working on that in the next few months “Maybe I should just keep quiet” I’m going to start standing up for myself! Contributing and speaking my mind whenever I want Right now, I am feeling really excited, mentally energized and am finally feeling that same energy that I had last year. I guess DSM just does that to you.

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