Boniface Evarist

One question frequently asked by young people is what’s happening? often times the answer could depict what’s going on in our day or we just reply nothing much! recently i changed my answer to that question, I now say I’m happening.

Really life is seldom about what is happening with you but more of what you make happen for others. we all have dreams, aspirations, goals, visions and ambitions. The difficulty we always have is to how to make them happen. Imagine someone makes your dream happen; sponsor your education to school abroad, I trust you would owe your success to that person.

Thats what makes life beautiful: that we all owe it to each other for making it happen for us at a point in time. I trust you are tired cause I am of blaming our present and past leaders for where we are as a nation. Nobody is saying they are not to blame cause if democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people then we can say we are no different from them because from that definition they are because we are, we put them there.

If we want to see change in our nation, we must first change ourselves so that we can produce the kind of leaders we hope would change our nation for better. I can guess by now you are wondering what is this all about, the BLOG, the whole gist.This is a test run, I got inspired after reading a book by WILLIAMS J. CLINTON tiltled GIVING. Its a book I highly recommend you should read. after reading of how people all over the world are making it happen for others who lack certain priviledges, that alone caused a stirring within.

Professionals leaaving high paying jobs to serve humanity. The book changed my perspective and has fired a passion within. One of the things that would be highlighted more on this blog is our educational sector as a nation. The truth is we can’t go beyond the limits of the level of education we are currently exposed to. The aim is to reflect our issues, how we can be part of it, celebrate those who are doing some work about it and so on.

The current trends which are appaulling would be highlighted. The goal is not to expose our problems to the world so that we can be laughed at but so that we can be spurned to get into action in the best possible way we can. Life presents to us problems not so that we can be threatened but so that we can get our creative genuises to bring about relevant solutions.

Solutions are irrelevant without a problem to solve. Problems are the premise to solutions. So when you see the problems we are at as a nation, don’t be in despair no matter the magnitude. The problems did not start as big, they were first small and neglected thats what led to them being big. So if the solutions are small one day they would end up big.

I looked within how can I make it happen, really I’m not known beyond my circle, I am not a graduate (until 2013 when I will graduate), I dont have millions in my account. But a thought came, you have a pen, start writing and show the world. Thank God and wordpress for the free blogger. This is where I start, only God knows where this would lead to. Join me as we make it happen for Tanzania.

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